Under cover

Swimming Pool Services has been installing and servicing automatic pool covers since 1985. There are many benefits to having an automatic cover on your pool.


newPool_autoCovers2One major benefit is safety. When the automatic cover is closed, nobody can access the pool without a key or code. Keeping the pool covered also cuts down on debris in the pool and allows you to spend more time swimming and less time skimming!

Another major benefit is energy savings. Automatic covers reduce the wear on pool equipment and can produce savings up to $2,400 per year (based on 800 square foot pool that is not maintained and kept at 82°F).

They also reduce evaporation loss by 70% or more and save on water usage from not needing to fill up the pool as often.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of an automatic pool cover and how it can make pool ownership even easier, please call us today.