It does the work for you

An automatic pool cleaner is one of the best investments for your pool. Using an automatic cleaner in your pool does the work for you and saves you time. With the correct cleaner, pool maintenance should take less than 20 minutes per week.



We carry both robotic and pressure automatic cleaners by Polaris. The robotic model, 9550 can tackle any pool terrain, including climbing steps and walls. It has programmable timers and customizable cleaning cycles that allow you to set it and forget it. The pressure models, 3900 Sport and TR35-P, require a booster pump. These models include a TailSweep, a sweep hose attachment that blows debris out of corners and hard to reach places.


We offer two different models of robotic automatic pool cleaners by Dolphin, the S200 and S300. The active brushing and all-surface climbing make pool cleaning more convenient and enhance pool hygiene.