Breathe New Life Into Your Spa

Having a spa is a great way to add the element of relaxation back into your life. However, if your spa is outdated, damaged or not functioning at its best it may be causing stress instead of relieving it. Although spas can last a long time, sometimes they need a facelift and given a fresh, new look. Swimming Pool Services can help you restore your outdated or damaged spa to its former glory so you can return to a relaxed and stress-free life.

Our team of spa technicians can perform a large number of renovation services to your spa, including:

  • Structural repairs to the interior, exterior and cover
  • Equipment repairs and upgrades for damaged, outdated or missing parts
  • Custom exterior casings in materials such as brick, tile and masonry
  • Leak detection, repair and prevention
  • Solving code-compliance issues
  • Plumbing equipment repair and installation
  • Total spa replacement

Based out of Waukesha, our team of experts services all of southeastern Wisconsin. Contact us if your spa is in need of more than general maintenance or cleaning and our team of experts will help you find a timely and cost-effective solution customized to your needs.